The PEP Curriculum

The Palestine Education Project (PEP) is a collective of educators, activists and artists committed to Popular Education about the struggle for justice in Palestine.

We believe that understanding common struggles against racism, militarism and displacement, and exploring how struggles are connected, can be a powerful means of challenging the systems of oppression that adversely affect all of us.

Our pedagogy stresses the following principles:

§ Interactive youth-centered education
§ Seeing education and culture at the center of social movement building
§ Drawing on participants’ own experiences and connecting to Palestine in ways that are relevant to them

Our curriculum has been developed in various educational and community spaces throughout the U.S. and Palestine over a six year period. The lesson plans that comprise the curriculum prioritize the voices of those who are marginalized in U.S. media and education systems, utilize a variety of community/youth-produced media and invite participants to examine the oppression Palestinians face as well as the principled and creative resistance to it.

We hope these tools will help you further your own work of teaching and learning about Palestine and we encourage you to adapt our lessons in ways that will resonate with your community.

To read about some of our lessons in action, check out this article about a class we taught at a high school in New York City: From Brooklyn to Palestine: Teaching Culture & Resistance.

Note: While prior knowledge of Palestine is not necessary to engage with our lessons, the document “Glossary of Events, etc. in Slingshot Hip Hop” contains background on key terms that may prove useful.

Workshops from our curriculum:

*(Mis)representation: How The Media Gets Between Us

*Prison Stories: Voices of Resistance from the Front Lines

*Images of Resistance: Exploring Palestinian Poster Art

*Digital Stories, Mapping Our Lives: Youth Voices from Brooklyn to Palestine

*Slingshot Hip Hop Study Guide

*Glossary of Events, Phrases, People, and Places in Slingshot Hip Hop


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